Vocalist, Pianist, Songwriter

We are really happy to share with you our very first interview of 2014-15!   Earlier this month we interviewed Yaa-Hemaa; vocalist, pianist, songwriter, founder and blogger of theyvariable.com, Rhodes Scholar and Senior Inspection Officer with the federal government.   This young woman is unstoppable! She truly is a living example of our theme ‘Success is a process’.   YBP Showcase with Yaa-Hemaa on YouTube.   YBP Showcase with Yaa-Hemaa audio:

In this interview Yaa-Hemaa:

  • explains her process to achieving her goals
  • shares the key tools and resources she uses to keep her inspired and on track
  • offers advice and tips to help you get started with your own process


A huge thank you to Yaa-Hemaa for joining us and sharing her process for success!! Be sure to check out her site yaahemaa.com where you’ll soon find Sound Cloud clips of her latest music, photos, videos and more. You can also access her music at soundcloud.com/yaahemaa. Here are the links to the Mastin Kipp and Marie Forleo sites which we’re discussed in the interview: http://thedailylove.com http://www.marieforleo.com  


My facial expressions are out of control in this interview lol. I’ll work on that for next time!  But, in the words of Maysoon Zayid, ‘it’s about what we’re talking about not what we look like’.  


Don’t forget to let us know what you think about the interview and join the conversation at #INSPIREbyYBP    Let’s get to it!