Samantha Malcolm

Sapphire Management
Sapphire Management CEO

Samantha Malcolm

Owner and Creator

Sapphire Management

YBP:  What is the name of your company and what type of services do you offer?


SM: Sapphire Management


Sapphire Management (SM) is an events marketing management company that focus’ on the implementing, coordinating, and execution of corporate and private events.


As well, SM specializes in social media consultation services, helping individuals and business.


YBP:  What’s your social media background and experience?


SM: I have over 3 years experience and have had the privilege to work on some amazing events as a social media coordinator such as the 50th Jamaica Independence Gala in Toronto.


I also am the creator of two social sites on Facebook. The first one is called, Kinks Defined, which is a natural hair group page where members come together and share their pictures, video, questions, advice and comments about 4 type natural hair.

My second site is my baby, for I just recently launched it, and it’s called Social Jambalaya. This is a site that brings interesting, funny, entertaining, and trending news, hot topics, photos, quotes, videos, and so much more from all over the world right to your Facebook news feed.

YBP: Why is social media so important to companies now more so then 3-5 years ago?


SM: It’s an easier and cost efficient way to reach out to the mass or particular target market.  Just look at the facts:

  • Over 55% of the world uses some form of social networking
  • 2 Billion, worldwide, are Facebook users
  • Over 500 million people have a Twitter account
  • Over 800 million visits are made to YouTube per month


I could go on, but I think you get where I’m going with this.  The world is spending amble amounts of time online than they probably are watching television.  If you want to be heard or seen, you’ve got to keep up with the rest of the world and exercise social networking sites.


YBP: How can companies distinguish themselves from their competition?


SM: Engage with your audience. It is so important as well as courteous to reply back to your supporters who take the time to visit your page and leave comments. They feel valued and even heard, and will most likely continue to support and talk about you to their friends via social networking outlets.  Not only that, it’s a great way to know what the needs/wants, likes/dislikes of your target market and improve as a company.


Another way for companies to distinguish themselves from their competition is to be very creative with their networking pages.  You want your followers to enjoy going to your page(s), so give them something that is fun, different, and interactive that will have them coming back frequently and talking about with their friends.


YBP: What advice would you give to a new service or company coming online?


SM: Understand the world of social media/networking and then figure out how it will benefit your business by applying the 4 W’s + how’s.  Don’t just rush into creating a Twitter or Facebook page, and you don’t even know why or who you’re creating it for.


Know who you’re trying to target to, for they are your foundation to making your company heard from all aspects of the social media world.


YBP: What makes you smile?


SM: God giving me life and the opportunity to see another day to do greatness in my life that I can also share with others.


If you are interested in the services of Sapphire Management please contact Samantha Malcolm at:

(P): 1 (416) 455-5599


Twitter: @KinksDefined