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Be Seen

This past week I finally took the time to watch this amazing video that’s been floating on my Facebook news feed for weeks! It’s the video of Jim Carrey’s commencement speech to a group of 2014 graduates (full version ) Funny… read more »


What determines how much time and deliberate practice a child is willing to devote to achievement? Nothing less than her character.” ~ Martin Seligman from Flourish Ah yes… Character! According to Merriam-Webster, character is, ‘one of the attributes or features… read more »

The Simple Pleasures

THE Y VARIABLE The Simple Pleasures by theyvariable With all of the travel, gift-buying, parties, dinners and other various engagements that come at the end of each calendar year, what should be a peaceful time can easily become overwhelming and stressful… read more »


SUCCESS You don’t deserve success, you create it. Success is not about what the world – God, karma, the universe, society, the government or your parents – owe you; it’s about what YOU do with what you’ve been given. In… read more »