Ottawa Young Black Professionals

setting each other up for success one connection at a time

Who we are

The Ottawa Young Black Professionals (YBP), is a networking organization that:

  • focuses on ensuring the success of its members one connection at a time.
  • leverages the collective knowledge and strength of Ottawaʼs black professionals.
  • creates opportunities, builds relationships, and strengthens the community.



  • We believe that the long term success of an individual, hinges on the community that surrounds that person. For YBP, this means taking the time and making the effort to build each member of our community up as well as being conscious of how our actions, on our way to achieving success, impact others.

    We at YBP will do our part to support our members success by facilitating opportunities for connection and mentorship through our networking events, by supporting knowledge exchange through our signature events and social media platforms and by promoting and supporting community initiatives that aim to build character within our youth and provide mentorship to undergraduates and graduates.



  • Within the next 5 years, we will develop a self sustaining hub for connection, mentorship, knowledge exchange, and excellence. Our hub will focus on providing members with invaluable information and resources that will increase their chances of success and create opportunities to build essential relationships within the community.



  • Our theme for 2014-15 ‘Success is a Process,’ refers to the time, consistent effort and resources required to achieve a goal. This year our goal is to hear from professionals like you through interviews, tweets and comments posted on #INSPIREbyYBP to find out what actions you’re taking to obtain success.



YBP will:

  • operate and work with others in our community in a manner that exudes: professionalism, openness, integrity and excellence.
  • we value people, our community, and our members.